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Blockchain Infrastructure


REV is a blockchain-based marketplace for exotic cars and real estate businesses, individuals and buyers.


REV's online blockchain marketplace opens up an organized and updated community that dealerships, real estate agencies, and private selling individuals can list their inventory at whatever rate they choose for, in cryptocurrencv or even fiat. This will eliminate the constant calling and emailing of buyers asking whether the business accepts cryptocurrency and giving the sellers the ability to advertise the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

REV offers updated decentralized blockchain on line marketplace for cryptocurrency and fiat businesses, individuals, and buyers.


Pre-sale start date 24 May 2018
Pre-sale end date 18 Jun 2018
Pre-sale token supply 4,920,000
Token Sale
ICO start date 04 Jul 2018
ICO end date 16 Jul 2018
ICO token supply 47,109,000
Soft cap 23,000,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size 25,000,000 USD (fiat)
Token details
Ticker REV
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

47.7% - Held in reserves by REV to fund future user growth

20.3% - Sold to public as 1st crowd sale

18% - Sold to public as 2nd crowd sale

10% - Team & advisors

4% - Pre-sale


Type of ratings
Hype score

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info NA
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Start ICO 04 Jul 2018
End ICO 16 Jul 2018
Token REV
Price 1 REV = 0.82 USD
Product Type Marketplace
Whitelist No
Whitepaper View
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