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ICO date: TBA
Product Type: Technology
Industry: Blockchain Infrastructure

QuarkChain is a peer-to-peer transactional system that aims to achieve million of transactions per second.


The key features of QuarkChain are as follows:

  • Anti-Centralized Horizontal Stability Expansion. The nodes in QuarkChain that validate all minor blocks and root chain blocks are called super-full nodes. However, running all nodes as super-full nodes is very resource-consuming. QuarkChain allows multiple honest nodes in a cluster to run as a super-full node. Each node in a cluster validates a subset of chains.
  • Cross-Shard Transactions. All users can issue cross-shard transactions at any time, the throughput of cross-shard transactions can be scaled linearly as the number of shards increases.
  • Unified Account Management. A user needs only one account to have one account to manage all addresses in all shards.
  • Cross-Chain Transactions. Since QuarkChain only maintains one root chain, transactions from other blockchains can be implemented by converting the tokens by an adapter and then performing the transaction as a cross-shard transaction.
Founded: Singapore, 2018
Website: quarkchain.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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