Prosume (PEF)


ICO start date: 26.11.2017
ICO end date: 13.12.2017

Token Details

Ticker: PEF
Additional Token Emission: No
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Token distribution:

30% of the PEF Tokens held by Prosume will be released for transfer after ICO ends. 10% will be distributed amongst Prosume’s team founders and advisors but held for 12 months (no transfer will be allowed). 60% of the PEF Tokens held by Prosume will be kept by the Foundation and released later, following a schedule of 10% at each step of the Prosume’s roadmap. This operation will release all the PEF Tokens available on the market by 24 months from the end date of the ICO. The reserved PEF Tokens will be under the purview of the Prosume Energy Foundation, locked under the Prosume contract and used strategically to grow the Prosume ecosystem and support the activities of the Foundation. The Prosume’s allocation will be used for three purposes: to administer PEF Token supply and Platform development, for marketing purposes, and for operational costs.

Registration Country: Switzerland

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