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ICO date: TBA
Product Type: DApp
Industry: Science & Research

PO8 is a blockchain ecosystem decentralizing the marine archaeology industry. PO8 technologies take ocean exploration in search of historical artifacts and treasures, and provide decentralized solutions for the registration, authentication, and transfer of the prized artifacts.


The Historical Open Auction Platform (HOAP) is a system PO8 will make open to the public, for the auctioning of historical artifacts. All assets on HOAP can be verified as authentic and belonging to the rightful owners.

By tokenizing PO8 salvage operations, token holders will be able to perform proof of stake bounty tasks helping in recovery efforts. Bounty tasks will include data mining, which PO8 collects from a range of sources, helping expedition teams pinpoint locations of possible shipwreck sites.

PO8 and SILVER token holders will never receive any type of dividends or profit sharing. P08 and SILVER tokens represent future access to PO8’s DApps.

PO8 will set aside a portion of the treasures, such as gold or other precious metals, to the P08 Reserve. The P08 reserve will back the value of the P08 token, upgrading to a PO8 Stablecoin.

Founded: Bahamas
Website: po8.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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