Phantasma Protocol (SOUL)

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ICO date: 22.05.2018 - 29.05.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Blockchain Infrastructure

Phantasma is a platform defining both a storage specification and a protocol for sending messages from one source to one or multiple destinations via smart contracts. 


The Phantasma platform and framework is designed on the basis of a publish-subscribe data dissemination model comprising the following concepts:

  • Boxes act as content hubs for generalized data, responsible for providing a general interface for content storage, data piping and access sharing.
  • User is an entity that uses the Phantasma infrastructure to share or consume data.
  • Messages are data items that can be stored and shared via Phantasma, optionally linking to off-chain stored content, and stored inside Boxes.
  • Gate is a permissioned gateway to a Phantasma Box.
  • SOUL tokens are the fuel for the Phantasma network, meaning that operations inside the Phantasma network will require them, including creation of boxes and allocation and renewal of space for storage.

Phantasma Virtual Machine is a blockchain-emulated general-purpose execution environment that brings the capacity to deploy sub-contracts to NEO without paying the full costs of a NEO contract. The VM runs inside the NEO smart contract, containing a large set of opcodes which include opcodes for data manipulation to Oracle reading support opcodes.

The Phantasma relay is part of the solution for maximizing the protocol’s efficiency, and can be described as a second layer scaling solution, taking ideas from existing large-scale communication protocols.

The Phantasma Data Filesystem (PDFS) is a decentralized data storage file system, developed as the default storage backend for Phantasma dApps, and implemented on top of the Kademlia distributed protocol and an extension to Phantasma Relay.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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