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Perlin (PERL)

Computing & Data Storage


Perlin is a practical, trustless and decentralized cloud computing marketplace that leverages underutilized compute power in everyday smart-devices to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally.


Perlin’s own native ledger is a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) utilizing the Avalanche consensus protocol, that provides the scalability and throughput necessary to make decentralized compute resource sharing possible. DAG is a data structure that maintains a topological sorting. It is comprised of a series of nodes with directed edges between earlier and later nodes within the sequence and it presents itself as one of the first alternatives to blockchains scalability issues. On their platform Perlin promises to implement:

  • A ledger capable of 1300 tps with latency time of 4 seconds;
  • A leaderless consensus protocol;
  • A privacy-preserving layer, which would withstand Byzantine adversaries;
  • Scalable dApp development support.

Perlin’s compute layer is bootstrapped on top of its DAG-based ledger unlocking the underutilized compute resources from everyday devices, to form a decentralized cloud computing marketplace. Miners with everyday devices such as smartphones, can rent away idle compute capacity in exchange for a virtual currency termed PERLs, to customers of the network.

PERLs will initially be distributed as ERC20 tokens. However, PERLs will be swapped with Perlin's native token upon the release of their mainnet.


Token details
Ticker PERL
Additional Token Emission No


Type of scores
Hype score High Active

Team members

Project Manager & Co-founder Member of 6 ICOs
CTO & Co-founder Member of this ICO only
Head of Business Development Member of 3 ICOs
Community Lead Member of this ICO only
Research, Strategic & Commercial Partnerships Global Lead Member of this ICO only
Full-Stack Developer & Partnerships Member of this ICO only
Senior Developer Member of 3 ICOs
Senior Developer Member of this ICO only
Finance & Admin Member of this ICO only
Compliance & Communications Member of 2 ICOs


Founding Partner of FBG Capital Member of 5 ICOs
CEO of Republic Protocol Member of 2 ICOs
Co-founder of Dekrypt Capital Member of 3 ICOs
Co-founder of CrunchFund & Founder of TechCrunch Member of 3 ICOs
Co-founder of 1kx Member of 5 ICOs
Founder of LD Capital Member of this ICO only
Partner at Withers Singapore Member of this ICO only
Co-founder of Color Genomics Member of this ICO only
Managing Partner & Director at BlockPR & Elevator Communications, LLC Member of 3 ICOs

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info High
Risk score Info NA
Token PERL
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