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Is working on a platform for IRA companies to offer their pension plans to clients. Using PeerBanks users can automatically get their money in their local currency in the form of retirement


Peerbanks platform will be able to help the IRA Companies, to make the exchange and transfers to other clients in their local fiat currency on monthly basis. This will allow Peerbanks clients to acquire their IRA-Roth plan with Peerbanks IRA through the platform in accordance to specific regulations of each country which has authorized the operation of Bitcoin and alternative currency.

IRA fund managers can now include Peerbanks IRA, as a means of exchange among other assets or tokens based on crypto language. To access these assets PeerbanksIRA will be the official assets for the exchange within the Peerbanks platform.

The Peerbanks investors and supporters will create value by organic growth in value of the Peerbanks IRA.

Peerbanks token owners or members can sell and buy their Peerbanks IRA in the following exchanges: ETHERDELTA, IDEX, UBITOK, DECENTREX and other more.

Each User shall declare, bear and pay taxes, duties, imposts, levies, tariffs and surcharges that might be imposed by the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction as a result of or in connection with the receipt, holding, use, purchase, appreciation, trading or divestment of PEERBANKS IRA.

Technical Details

Has been issued on the Waves blockchains


Token Sale
ICO start date 16 Jul 2017
ICO end date 20 Sep 2017
Raised 42,590,100 USD
Registration Country United States
Token details
Ticker IRA
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies





Token distribution

Total token supply: 1,000,000 Allocation for Participants: 69% Allocation for PeerBanks Foundation: 1% Allocation for companies IRA: 30%


Type of ratings
Hype score
Risk score

Team members

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info Medium
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Raised: $42,590,100

Start ICO 16 Jul 2017
End ICO 20 Sep 2017
Token IRA
Registration Country United States
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