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ICO date: 16.03.2017 - 12.04.2017
Industry: Privacy & Security

An open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person to person eCommerce


- You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server - Building protection into a decentralized network to ensure the market does not become overrun with illicit and dangerous products and services - Privacy enchantments: P2P Encrypted messaging platform, Stealth Address, Dual Token System, Ring Signatures, automatically use Tor hidden services, disable wallet transaction broadcast, Confidential Transactions

Technical details:

Particl is based on the latest and market-leading Bitcoin codebase. Developers are currently adding the privacy functionality from ShadowCash onto the Bitcoin Core 13.2 codebase along with Particl only features.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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