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Privacy & Security


An open source, decentralized privacy platform built for global person to person eCommerce


- You can buy or sell anything, similar to eBay, Etsy or Amazon, except that all the transaction data, payments and conversations happen over a self-governed, distributed network instead of a central server - Building protection into a decentralized network to ensure the market does not become overrun with illicit and dangerous products and services - Privacy enchantments: P2P Encrypted messaging platform, Stealth Address, Dual Token System, Ring Signatures, automatically use Tor hidden services, disable wallet transaction broadcast, Confidential Transactions

Technical Details

Particl is based on the latest and market-leading Bitcoin codebase. Developers are currently adding the privacy functionality from ShadowCash onto the Bitcoin Core 13.2 codebase along with Particl only features.


Token Sale
ICO start date 17 Mar 2017
ICO end date 13 Apr 2017
Raised 750,000 USD
Token details
Ticker PART
Additional Token Emission No
Token distribution

PART is the native 2-token currency in Particl. Fees on Particl are passed on to stakers for maintaining the network. PART also provides near-instant transactions on the blockchain without 3rd-party encumbrance. In essence you get royalties from holding and staking the PART token. PART token supply will be the current SDC supply + 15%, or approximately 7,640,000 PART. PART will also be created for each block as a reward to the stakers. Annual coin supply increase is planned for 2%. At the end of the 4-week exchange period, the team will announce the total number of SDC exchanged 1:1 for PART and the total number of SDC exchanged 1:1.15 for PART. The remaining PART not claimed will be split 80/20 with 80% going to the seed round participants and 20% (it will be proportionally divided based on the total amount of PART you own) donated to the foundation to be used for the continued development of the Particl Project. Additionally, a second batch of tokens will be hard-coded for release at a publicly pre-determined block height approximately 9-10 months out from the genesis block. This funding round will not take place until after the public beta launch of the Particl Market and the establishment of the Particl Foundation. This allotment of tokens will represent a 15% increase in supply and will be made available through the Primary Funding Round at a designated date in the future.


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Funding Rounds

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Exchange name
Fiat money
Netherlands $
United States $ $ $
British Virgin Islands NA
South Korea $ $

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info NA
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4.61% 24H
return 0.75x
Start ICO 17 Mar 2017
End ICO 13 Apr 2017
Token PART
Price 1 PART = 1 USD
Whitepaper View
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