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ICO date: 04.06.2018 - 01.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Education

OS University is a decentralized platform providing the "digital credentials wallet" as a service to the learners/users without any limits to what universities, fields of studies or courses they choose.


OS.University will allow learners, academia and businesses to join and operate on the platform independently from the rest of the participants. Learners can start joining and uploading certificates issued by academia without any obligation for the Academia itself to be already registered. That makes the pool of not verified certificates which will pop up as notifications to the academia when it’s registered as well.

OS.University Learners will save time and effort - instead of preparing CVs and motivational letters, they will invest time in activities important to the development of their unique skills and expertises. Os.University aims to increase the Learner’s profitability and maximize their own potential.

OS.University Academia will have the opportunity to be modernized not only technologically, but also to speak the same language with a new generation of Learners. This modernization may lead to enhanced communication and effective collaboration between Academia & Learners and
Academia & Businesses.

Founded: Bulgaria
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