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Science & Research


ONSTELLAR - Social Network Where the Unexplained Lives.


The ONSTELLAR ecosystem is tailored to engage members in the world of cryptocurrency, while at the same time providing opportunities to meet new people, engage with industry professionals, and gain access to products, services and events for community. Connect and collaborate with others and be rewarded for creating and discovering content. Digital Portal to:

  • strange and profound
  • unexplained phenomena
  • cryptozoology
  • science & technology
  • ufology
  • new age & cosmic arts
  • conspiracy theories
  • paranormal
  • mind body spirit & spirituality 
  • ancient history & mysteries 
  • alternative healing & medicine 
  • supernatural & occult 

Technical Details



ICO start date 29 Mar 2018
ICO end date 29 Apr 2018
ICO token supply 50,000,000
ICO Platform 3
Token details
Ticker ONST
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies



Bonus Program

Pre sale and sale bonus up to 400%

Token distribution

74.1% - Distributed During Crowdsale

11.1% - Founders

7.4% - Pre-Sale (closed)

5.2% - Bounty

2.2% - Developers


Funds allocation

65% - Platform Development
15% - Operations and Administration
15% - Marketing and Business Development
5% - Legal


Type of scores
Hype score Low Active

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info NA


Start ICO 29 Mar 2018
End ICO 29 Apr 2018
Token ONST
Price 1 ONST = 0.2 USD
Product Type Platform
MVP Only design
Whitepaper View


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