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ICO date: TBA
Product Type: Service
Industry: Blockchain Infrastructure

NULS is a global blockchain open source community project, which provides a customizable block chain infrastructure. It consists of a micro-kernel and functional modules. With innovative ideas on reducing the burden of main block chain and decoupling events and services, modularization on all NULS underlying operational components is architected and implemented.


Modular structure should ease the work of the developer with the blockchain one by one order. For the deployment of a smart contract for a Linux client, it will only be necessary to have basic programming skills. So the input threshold is reduced;

Modular structure solves the problem of flexibility of the block.

NULS uses the technology of parallel expansion allowing users to increase the speed of transactions to millions per second.

NULS - internal token, intended for settlements between network participants, these tokens will be paid as remuneration to network participants. This is an ERC20 token (the project is built on top of the blockchain Etherium).

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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