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Blockchain Infrastructure


NuCypher is a decentralized key management system (KMS) for public blockchains. NuCypher KMS will help dApp developers secure their data on the blockchain with decentralized proxy re-encryption as a service.


NuCypher integrates with big data platforms like Hadoop and Kafka to help enterprise clients shield their data from unauthorized access, share data between organizations, and securely store and process data in the cloud.

NuCypher KMS can be interfaced from a traditional, centralized application. If there is no library client available, there could be a local API server, similar to how geth is used to interact with the Ethereum network.

Low-level functionality on NuCypher allows encrypting and delegating access to binary secrets (such as database credentials) or groups of these secrets without storing them in individual files. When working with files, each file and each directory is encrypted under its secret key.

NuCypher gives the data owner full control of their data. Fine-grained, cryptographic access controls enable on-demand access delegation and revocation, without sharing private keys.

NuCypher allows enterprises to securely use cloud service providers. Under a bring-your-own-key (BYOK) model, private keys never leave the enterprise, providing security controls and ensuring data can’t be accessed without authorization under any condition.


Token details
Ticker NKMS
Additional Token Emission No


Type of scores
Hype score Medium Active
Risk score Medium Active

Funding Rounds

Development NA Hedge
Live $17,000,000 Venture
Live $325,000,000 Venture, Algo
Live $1,044,064,537 Venture
Live $212,000,000 Venture
Live $1,700,000 Venture

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Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info Medium
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