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ICO date: 29.05.2018 - 28.06.2018
Product Type: Technology
Industry: Internet & Telecommunications

NOIA Network is the content delivery network, designed to utilize the available bandwidth (and storage) from households and data centers located throughout the world, creating a decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure.


NOIA is powered by blockchain technology. It utilizes unused bandwidth from computers around the world to create a widely distributed, efficient and integral layer of internet infrastructure for global content delivery. NOIA is designed to serve as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for every type of web content and provide a more effective and decentralized delivery method across the internet.

NOIA Network only stores content for a limited time. It allows the NOIA Network to move content dynamically throughout the swarm and adapt to the traffic variability. Content can be quickly scaled and distributed among the different locations where demand may be peaking.

Founded: Gibraltar
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