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New Royals

Commerce & Retail


New Royals is an e-commerce platform that will facilitate the buying and selling of luxury products with cryptocurrency.


With New Royals managers will:
- have an access to the information concerning their ratings on the platform; 
- be able to compare themselves with the competition and know why they appear on page 1 or Page 12 in searches; 
- have the opportunity to post on NEW ROYALS, live-promoting themselves, communicating with customers, and getting feedback directly from them; 
- be able to arrange their items delivery, such as clothing, wines, jewelry, shoes, automobile, in an automated, cashless deferred payment arrangement via a smart contract; 
- receive a product that will digitalize their schedule.

Clients will be able to:
- to book their luxury and lifestyle appointments all round the clock; 
- to pay in cryptocurrency; 
- to browse through NEW ROYALS live and follow their favorite brands and luxury service providers, ask questions, and see the latest trends and designs both locally and worldwide.


Pre-sale start date 28 Feb 2018
Pre-sale end date 28 Mar 2018
Token Sale
ICO start date 28 Mar 2018
ICO end date 11 Apr 2018
ICO token supply 98,000,000
Soft cap 2,667 ETH
Hard cap size 7,862,480 USD (fiat)
Token details
Ticker NRG
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies




Bonus Program

Private sale bonus: 30%

Token distribution

Token Sale - 98%

Team - 1%

Bounty - 1%

Funds allocation

Research and development - 50%

Admin & Operations - 10%

Marketing and sales - 30%

Legal - 5%

Contingency - 5%


Type of scores
Hype score Low Active
Risk score High Active

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info High
New Royals ICO Contacts
More on ICO


Start ICO 28 Mar 2018
End ICO 11 Apr 2018
Token NRG
Price 1 NRG = 0.18 USD
Product Type Platform App
New Royals (NRG) widget
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