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Industry: Asset Management

Ncrypto provides an access to the platform’s solutions for storing, trading, managing and issuing personal digital assets.


NCRYPTO.IO is being presented a mass-market product that can simplify the engagement of massive numbers of users into capabilities that the Cryptoeconomy gives.

A decentralized network consists of peers that can run independently of each other. The power to transmit information is distributed among a network of servers, instead of being driven from one primary source. The NCRYPTO network does not depend on any single entity. The idea is to have as many independent servers participate in the NCRYPTO network as possible, so that the network will still run successfully even if some servers fail.

NCRYPTO Token is a utility token for working in the system. NCRYPTO tokens are a built-in network resource and work similarly to bitcoin. That is, it is a fully-fledged crypto currency, which allows to operate digital assets without restrictions. The sale of NCRYPTO.IO tokens is conducted to finance the pre-final part of the NCRYPTO.IO project development: marketing and promotion of the platform.

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