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My Safe House is a digital token and an idea in a quest to acquire a home that is safe from all potential dangers. It uses the latest technology to protect people from the dangers of disasters and wars. 


My Safe House is built by taking the considerations the effects of all kinds of disasters, including nuclear attack, EMP Attacks, terrorists and virus attacks, earthquake, Storm, Tsunami, etc.

It offer you food, shelter, and clean water

This is a massive project and requires a long payback time for the investors to get their returns.

The project also consists of building hospitals andhotels, a transportation system and an emergency rescue team. 

The insurance which is available with this project will enable you to rebuild your safe house and seek medical assistance.


Token Sale
ICO start date 30 Nov 2017
ICO end date 14 Dec 2017
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size 50,000,000 USD (fiat)
Token details
Ticker MSW
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies





Bonus Program

Day 1 : +15% bonus, Day 2 : +10% bonus, Day 3 : +5% bonus, Day 4 : no bonuses

Token distribution

Token sale – 50%

Founding Team – 30%

Reserve – 10%  

Further development – 10%,

Funds allocation

Operation - 12%

Research & Development - 40%

Marketing & Business Development - 40%

Reserve - 10%


Type of scores
Hype score Very Low Active

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Very Low
Risk score Info NA
MySafeHouse ICO Contacts
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Start ICO 30 Nov 2017
End ICO 14 Dec 2017
Token MSW
Price 1 MSW = 1 USD
MVP Only design
Whitelist No
Whitepaper View
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