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ICO date: 01.06.2018 - 30.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Data Analytics

MyCreditChain is a personal data collection platform which focuses on personal credit information and credit scoring.


The MCC platform consists of blockchains consisting of Ethereum-based Smart Contracts. Data is encrypted and stored in IPFS, which is a distributed storage method and controlled by DAC (Data Access Control). The 3rd party participants can receive services through various APIs provided by MCC and consumers who have personal and credit information can receive services through MCC App to be provided at Application Layer.

MCC provides automatic real time collection of data, which is then encrypted and stored in a distributed storage. Information in that storage can only be accessed by the owner with the PKI or by others with the owner's approval.

The platform's credit rating method is based on daily airdrops of 10000 tokens. All participants in MCC network get three seeds every day. The seeds have no value unless they are given to some else. The 10,000 tokens are, then, shared among the seed receivers in proportion to all seeds received in the network. Airdrop can be used to analyze the trust between individuals in a his/her group. MCC is a P2P network that can be used to generate personal credits, such as reliability measurement using the network structure of trust couples and trust unions that share credit among network participants, and the information provide analysis on behavior patterns with conjunction with offline based data (address book, IoT, location information, etc.).

MCC platform can be linked with 3rd parties and can be ported to other blockchain networks.

Along with traditional credit ratings, such as annual income, years of working, position, and level of wealth, MCC collects information such as information stored in public institutions, financial transaction history, consumption behavior, personal big data from analysis of SNS activities and communication data and interpersonal confidence index generated in the MCC airdrop. Information is gathered using Scrapping and DRM Parsing solution.

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Stable 15.06.2018 - Expire date: 29.07.2018
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Medium 2.2 / 5.0
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