monetha (MTH)


ICO start date: 28.08.2017
ICO end date: 28.09.2017
Raised: $ 37,000,000 USD

Token Details

Ticker: MTH
Dividends: Monetha will charge a 1.5% transaction fee from merchants. Of that, 0.5% will go to a smart contract for Monetha token holders and other 1% will go to the company as revenues.
Additional Token Emission: No
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.160000 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Token distribution:

15% of tokens generated for loyalty program 8% of tokens of tokens generated to bounty, partners, advisors and marketing 62% of tokens generated to Crowdsale participants 15% of tokens generated to Monetha team. Automatically locked for 12 months by smart contract.

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