ICO date: 15.03.2018 - 15.04.2018
Product Type: Ecosystem
Industry: Internet & Telecommunications

MOBILINK-COIN Network will provide its users with unlimited voice and data services while eliminating all monthly fees. Revenues generated from digital mobile Ads shown on the users phone will be used to cover the costs of their monthly service. 


Mobilink Network via its interconnections with global mobile carriers, allows MOBI-SIM users to use voice & data services for free on smartphone.

Investors will receive 1 MOBI-SIM card per $300 USD invested into MOBILINK-COIN.

Mobilink Ad-Platform directs Ads via MOBI-SIM’s to show on smartphone, and creating a PoW system that lets earn MOBILINK-COINS.

Mobilink will issue a Mobilink MasterCard.

Mobilink will have a desktop, android and iOS MOBILINK-WALLET App and MOBILINK-EXCHANGE where user can instantly exchange up to 50 crypto-currencies within MOBILINK-WALLET.

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