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Mit-Ra (MTA)


Environmental Services


Mit-Ra is a project which aims to convert non-drinkable water into fresh water.


Mit-Ra uses Blockchain technology to process and analyze water types, as well as to analyze the percentage of addition of the substances and minerals needed for each type of water. 
Developed by the technical team at the University of Georgia, Ai-Mit is a unique and exclusive software that analyzes and evaluates the quality of treated water at any of the Mit-Ra sites. Ai-Mit is used as the core controller running on a LINUX kernel. 
The temperature sensor, conductivity, chlorine measure, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and PH sensors' values are automatically calculated upon completion of every water treatment batch. Then the Ai-Mit software sends the water quality data to the server through Blockchain via inbuilt internet connection for storage and analysis.
The Mit-Ra Industries plans to attract investments via the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, by issuing own tokens (MTA) with a limited emission.


Pre-sale start date 25 Jun 2018
Pre-sale end date 24 Jul 2018
Pre-sale token supply 80,000,000
Token Sale
ICO start date 01 Aug 2018
ICO end date 30 Sep 2018
ICO token supply 200,000,000
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size 20,000,000 USD (fiat)
Token details
Ticker MTA
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies







Bonus Program

First Presale Bonus = 50%

Second Presale Bonus = 30%

Third Presale Bonus = 20%

Token distribution

80% - ICO Investor

8% - Team & Advisors

6% - Marketing

6% - Founders

Funds allocation

70% - Mit-ra Site Production Cost

10% - Marketing & Business Development

10% - Mit-ra USD Reserve

6% - Software Development

4% - Legal Expenses


Type of ratings
Hype score

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info NA
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Start ICO 01 Aug 2018
End ICO 30 Sep 2018
Token MTA
Price 1 MTA = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment 10 USD
Product Type Technology
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