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MaxBull Coin (MBull)

MaxBull Coin (MBull)



MaxBull Coin aims to be a solution to investment and trading frustrations among the cryptocurrency communities. It assures an encompassing experience in exchanges by building the MaxBull exchange and providing outstanding expertise in online gaming through casino gaming, training and analytical guide to cryptocurrency.


MaxBull COIN enable the average user to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in Multiple coin and tokens rather than investing in single cryptocurrencies and hoping fortheir price to increase. 

The MaxBull technology has taken casino to the blockchain; it ensures to create a user-friendly interface that will enable advancement in the casino industries. MaxBull token will be integrated into it such that the worth of the token increases as the utility does.


Pre-sale start date 12 Dec 2017
Pre-sale end date 03 Mar 2018
Pre-sale token supply 5,000,000
Token Sale
ICO token supply 70,000,000
Hard cap size 35,000,000 USD (fiat)
IEO Platform
Registration Country United Kingdom
Registration Year 2017
Token details
Ticker MBull
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies



Bonus Program

Pre-Sale - 45%

ICO LOT 1 - 40%

ICO LOT 2 - 30%

ICO LOT 3 - 20%

ICO LOT 4  - 10%  

Token distribution
  • 5% sold in pre-sale
  • 70% sold to Public as Crowdsale
  • 3% for Bounty
  • 5% allocated for distribution to reward usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform
  • 15% retained by the dev, marketing and community teams
  • 1% legal formalities
  • 1% reserved for charity


Type of ratings
Hype score
Very Low

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Very Low
Risk score Info NA
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MaxBull Coin (MBull) ICO Contacts
More on ICO
Token MBull
Price 1 MBull = 0.09 USD
Product Type App DApp
MVP Only design
Registration Country United Kingdom
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