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Blockchain Infrastructure


Marconi is a blockchain protocol using programmable packets to enhance security, privacy and net neutrality.


Marconi is a blockchain and networking Ethernet protocol that allows to process network packets using smart contracts. The Marconi project aims to increase security, privacy and net neutrality through programmable packets. 

At the root of the project lie two concepts, i.e. Marconi Protocol and Marconi Network (network of networks). The network is formed by peers that participate in it and communicate based on the rules and primitives defined by the Marconi Protocol. Peers may include infrastructure service nodes, internet-enabled computing devices and network users. The ultimate goal of the Marconi system is to enable applications intended to enhance decentralization, security and networking.

The Marconi protocol is designed to ensure secure network communication, flexible infrastructure and creation of mesh networks. It comprises three elements: Marconi Pipe, Smart Packet Contracts and Branch Chains. These solutions are supposed to form the basis for the Marconi Network, which will allow developers to build various applications (e.g. blockchain protocols, security and networking applications).  

The Marconi Network is powered by a minable utility token (marco). The nodes will regularly receive the tokens for processing network traffic and contributing compute resources. Marcos will be used as fuel for network usage, administration and smart contract processing. 


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