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ICO date: 20.06.2018 - 20.08.2018
Product Type: Cryptocurrency
Industry: Education

LitraBit is a Cryptocurrency Token that aims to provide a platform which is completely dedicated to allow University Students, to trade, make transactions, pay fees and more.


Litrabit Investors will be offed a premium code depending on their investment tier, that they can use to get Services that LitraBit offers like University Fees and Book shop payments, these services will then be offered to early LitraBit Investors on lower fees at a discounted rate than the normal consumer depending on their investment tier.

LitraBit will also aim to launch a Cash Debit Card, debit can be exchanged for Cash when prices are profitable.

The agents will be supplied with LitraBits, which they will sell to the students and faculty members on the campus and inform them about its use and its features and services such as how to keep a cryptocurrency wallet or use the LitraBit app.

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