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Ledgerium (LGUM)

Financial Services


Ledgerium is developed as a decentralized accounting ledger system – Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) which rationalizes debtors and creditors via Smart Contracts, provides reliable Identity and Authorization Control, Real-time Auditing, and Business Internal Control.


Ledgerium is the company that shall bring Blockchain to the accounting and audit industry. Ledgerium aim to create a decentralized ledger through a triple entry accounting system and revolutionise the traditional audit procedure.
Ledgerium believe in the trust mechanism of Blockchain that will allow small and medium businesses to access auditing and other high-level accounting services previously only available to large companies, allowing a fairer, more transparent business world to flourish.
At present, the biggest problem of the Blockchain is its poor practical application value, and that people outside the Blockchain society do not understand enough of the basic concept of Blockchain. On the other hand, insiders do not understand specific industries, specific business and how to apply Blockchain to everyday life.
In Ledgerium, we strongly believe abiding by a strong Blockchain philosophy will make life better for businesses and society. Ledgerium is an organisation consisting of three previously separate groups working as a team: academic researchers from the accounting departments of leading universities, Blockchain technology experts and accounting firms. Blockchain technology has great potential in the accounting and auditing industry. 

Ledgerium is releasing maximum of 8,000,000,000 LGUM (8 Billion) token. and planning to sell 30,000 ETH worth of LGUM token. A fixed number of LGUM tokens will be created during the sale, and no more will be created once maximum limit is reached. The LGUM Token is use for accessing the Ledgerium accounting and audit service.


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Ticker LGUM
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