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LCCX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in London.


All fees in LCCX will be paid using the London Exchange Token ( LXT).

Every quarter LCCX will use between 15% and 25% of its profits to buy back LXT tokens and destroy them. This will happen until there are only 50 million LXT are remaining.

LCCX tokens shall be used by clients, partners and affiliates on the LCCX exchange platform and their distribution through the sale process is intended to result in the distribution of the token to potential clients, customers and affiliates ahead of the launch of the LCCX exchange.

LCCX users can use the tokens to pay the fees, including exchange and withdrawal fees along with coin listing and annual service fees and paying affiliate and referrers on the LCCX referral system.


ICO start date 12 Mar 2018
ICO end date 30 Apr 2018
ICO token supply 60,000,000
Hard cap size 7,500,000 USD (fiat)
Raised 1,762,132 USD
ICO Platform 3
Registration Country United Kingdom
Registration Year 2017
Token details
Ticker LXT
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies






Bonus Program

30% bonus first 15m tokens
20% bonus next 9m tokens
10% bonus next 6m tokens

Token distribution

60% - Token sale
18% - Team
14% - Advisors 
8% - Bounty, referral


Funds allocation

35% - Development
25% - Marketing
20% - System Liquidy 
10% - Contingency
5% - Insurance & Security 
5% - Legal & Auditing


Type of scores
Hype score Low Active
Risk score High Active

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info High
Basic Review


$1,762,132 Of $7500000 (23%)

Start ICO 12 Mar 2018
End ICO 30 Apr 2018
Token LXT
Price 1 LXT = 0.15 USD
Product Type Platform
MVP Only design
Registration Country United Kingdom
Whitepaper View
Basic Review View

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