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ICO date: 24.04.2018 - 15.06.2018
Industry: Banking & Payments

The iron Bank Network is a platform that enables peer-to-peer agreements and the creation of decentralized contracts and assets.


Users of the iron Bank Network platform can be both a Banker and a Customer.

Every user in the network can implement digital agreements - such as loans or transfers.

Nowadays two or more individuals need a third party to create a secure-financial agreement. The nature of this behavior is based on trust, in particular the lack of trust between each peer in the transaction.

Decentralized Agreements can solve this lack of trust through smart contracts, which can manage and allow peer-to-peer interactions between users.

The iron Bank Network is a blockchain infrastructure running by public smart contracts on Ethereum.

These smart contracts can be accessed by any user, allowing them to make agreements between each other without any third party involved.

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