IRIS Network (IRIS)


Token Details

Ticker: IRIS
Additional Token Emission: No
Token distribution:
  • Private Sale: 20%

  • Core Developer Team: 20% (4-year vesting period starting from IRIS Hub launch, during which the team will vest 1/48th of its IRIS tokens each month)

  • IRIS Foundation: 15% (reserved to support the operations of the Foundation)

  • Ecosystem Development: 45% (swap with zones connecting to IRIS Hub; grant to potential users; awards to outstanding partners; potential public sale)

Funds allocation:
  • Foundation Operations: 10% (including service providers and contractors fees, for example, auditing, consulting, legal and other third party fees, and other overheads)

  • Software Development: 50% (including costs, fees and expenses directly attributable to the development of launch)

  • Developer Enablement: 10% (including funding hackathons, awards to volunteers and training programs)

  • Research and Development Sponsorships: 10% (including conference, research programs and university outreach)

  • Marketing and Promotion: 20% (including business development, community programs and outreach, together with related travel, communication, publication, distribution and other expenses)

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