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ICO date: 21.05.2018 - 08.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Drugs & Healthcare

Intiva Health is an integrative platform for healthcare professionals. 


The platform provides videos and resources for medical professionals to use, as well as facilities and medical groups. All the platform’s solutions are offered for free to anyone who is a member. The purpose of the resources and videos on the platform, is to end the inefficiencies in healthcare that have resulted in the loss of time and critical amounts of capital, numbering in the billions of dollars. The Intivia Health Platform and NTVA Tokens are designed to address concerns through the integration of revolutionary technology. Ultimately, this platform has the focus of making the medical industry a better sector for patients and practitioners as well.

Intivia ReadyDo is another part of the platform that promises to redefine the process of medical credentialing. This works through the use of Hashgraph-based, self-auditing software. The tech solution instantly verifies the credentials, making a process that used to take months now and only takes a matter of seconds.

Intivia Connect is another part of the platform that enhances the way teams coordinate. This portion of the platform is free, it can be used to download patient records, find a particular patients primary care provider, within a matter of minutes, send out lab orders, or refer a physician to a patient. All of this is done while keeping within the HIPPA compliances.

Intivia Jobs is a new way to browse, filter and find new special offers in your sector. All a person needs to do is upload their CV and apply for any opening with a single click. Intivia health will effectively track user applications and help manage the procedure to filter out unneeded noise.

Founded: United States
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