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Blockchain Infrastructure


iMorpheus is a public blockchain, that serves as a platform to help link identity and build relationship across the world of blockchains. iMorpheus uses a universal account system with which users can link multiple accounts together to one identity in the real world.


iMorpheus is a public blockchain platform that provides a universal account system.

At the root of the iMorpheus project lies a technology that will allow individuals to represent their Blockchain identity, connecting Blockchain addresses, wallet accounts, exchange accounts and social network accounts. Essentially, iMorpheus universal account is a digital identity of the user, which allows to link their Bitcoin wallet and Facebook account.

iMorpheus will also offer an oracle account, a special kind of universal account that will contain an API for receiving data recorded on an external blockchains or from the real world. iMorpheus users will be able to share their relationships (family, friends, colleagues) on top of their digital identity. 

The platform will employ proprietary IM tokens for the purposes of fee payments. The IM tokens airdrop is scheduled for Q3 2018.


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