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ICO date: 19.03.2018 - 20.04.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Mining

AdMine is a cryptocurrency mining where it is not necessary to use computer capacity. The user gets coins for viewing ads on the Internet, evaluating product quality, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing quests and testing games. 


Each user watching an advertisement has personal details that advertiser may use during the creation of advertising campaign: details about his personality (gender, age), education, languages, interests, preferences and others. Based on the information about users, advertiser may show ads only to the interested audience, excluding unnecessary demonstrations, at the same time consuming minimal funds.

The technology of connecting users allows saving anonymity in the network when receiving personal advertising suggestions and at the same time providing personal details to the program, which works in autonomous mode without a possibility for the operator to intervene in its working process. As an possibility to earn money, users will provide additional personal information to advertisers free of charge as a part of work with the paid filters technology.


Founded: United Kingdom, 2017
Technical details:

Calculations occur through a token, thereby implementing local financial system that is independent from external currencies and quotations. The volume and distribution of the tokens is regulated by a smart contract, the working conditions of which are open to any potential investor.

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