ICO date: 26.11.2017 - 08.01.2018
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

HOQU is the decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair CPA deals based on a smart contract.


Lower costs: 0.5% commission per deal and lack of brokers make HOQU more attractive to both merchants and affiliates. Free use: Affiliate networks can use HOQU platform for free. Easy entry and fair competition. To get access to HOQU affiliates and merchants, you need to register an account in just a few clicks. Autonomous modules. On HOQU, software failure in one module will not affect proper operation of other modules.

Founded: United Kingdom, 2017
Technical details:

Decentralized web applications will be designed to work with the platform and can be accessed through hoqu.com, as well as an SDK for custom solution developers. Blockchain will store affiliate, merchant, offer, lead and affiliate network data.

Website: www.hoqu.io
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Whitepaper: Whitepaper
Investment rating
Hype score
Very High 4.2 / 5.0
Risk score
Very Low 2.0 / 5.0


HOQU Rating Review
The ICORating Agency rates the HOQU project at Positive.
HOQU Basic Review
The ICORating Agency gives the Basic Review of the HOQU project.

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