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Financial Services


HOLD is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides cash advances against cryptocurrency collateral.


HOLD offers a peer-to-peer powered lending and borrowing platform, in which members will be able to leverage cryptocurrencies and obtain cash advances directly onto a prepaid payment card.

Cash advances are short term loans given against cryptocurrency collateral, accessible only through the HOLD prepaid card. The duration of those cash advances range from 1 to 3 months at a pro-rated, pre-paid interest rate of up to 8%, payable by the borrower. Collateral can be provided in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and cash advances may be settled at any time.

A key feature of the HOLD Card is that cryptocurrencies do not back the cash advances provided by lenders. Even when cash advances are provided in cryptocurrencies by the lenders, these are converted to fiat currency before funding the HOLD Card. HOLD is therefore providing a cryptocurrency-free payment solution.

HOLD offers  cashback program - an incentive program for using the HOLD card, that rewards borrowers on qualifying card purchases with a 1% cashback. All bonuses are provided in HOLD tokens credited into the user’s mobile wallet. HOLD tokens can be withdrawn, converted into cash advances or used in settlements.


Token Sale
ICO token supply 1,040,000,000
Soft cap 3,500,000 USD (fiat)
Hard cap size 11,300,000 USD (fiat)
Raised 11,300,000 USD
Country Limitations Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United States, Vanuatu, Yemen,
Registration Country Malta
Token details
Ticker HOLD
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution
  • 80% - Token Sale
  • 10% - Company Reserve
  • 5% - Marketing
  • 5% - Advisors
Funds allocation
  • 40% - Engineering and Development
  • 25% - Marketing
  • 15% - Strategic Partnerships
  • 10% - Legal
  • 5% - Operations
  • 5% - Misc


Type of scores
Hype score Medium Active

Funding Rounds


Custom blockchain
Dec 2018 NA NA NA NA

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info NA
HOLD ICO Contacts
More on ICO

Raised: $11,300,000

Token HOLD
Product Type Service
MVP Only design
Whitelist No
Registration Country Malta
Whitepaper View
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