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Hdac (DAC) is an IoT contract platform based on blockchain, which exchanges investments as well as restricts usage in accordance to purpose as it is the next generation cryptocurrency which controls the IoT devices.


HDac combines block, IOT and financial technologies, which allows automated, inter-machine micropayments at a low cost between IOT devices that are authenticated, collated and verified through a block system.

Hdac will define standards and sets of rules, through which things can interact with each other. This is incredibly important, since without clear rules, IOT cannot exist. All Hdac operations will be reliable and safe, hackers will not be able to access the system and hack it, this is one of the main aspects - IOT security.

Hdac can assign contracts to all smart devices in accordance with the requirements. And also manage the entire system through smart contracts, having a high level of security.

Hdac platform uses a hybrid version of the block. By merging the blockbuster with IoT (Internet of things), the project will support the basic functions, and users will have the possibility of completely secure connection to the device.

Hdac acts to support micropayments using modern hardware wallets. In addition, this platform has a large bandwidth and supports all IoT devices.

Hdac participants must support their branch and the Telegram group by posting and translating regular updates, news or any important announcements.

Automatic (Google or similar) translations or low quality translations will be rejected.

Hdac system uses a combination of public and private blockchains, which allows for previously unattainable transaction speeds. The technology will use quantum random number generation to secure these transactions.

The Hdac system will ultimately ensure the efficiency and security of exponential growth of the IoT industry.


Token Sale
ICO start date 25 Nov 2017
ICO end date 08 Dec 2017
Raised 20,000,000 USD
Token details
Ticker DAC
Additional Token Emission No
Token distribution

12% of the total currency - for infrastructure, the eco-system and liquidity management for Hdac’s technology implementation and transaction activation. 10% will be distributed to participants who have contributed to the Hdac Foundation during the presale and the Hdac TGE (Token Generation Event).


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Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Low
Risk score Info Medium
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Raised: $20,000,000

Start ICO 25 Nov 2017
End ICO 08 Dec 2017
Token DAC
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