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Leverages the Ethereum blockchain to give consumers direct access to wholesale energy markets. It allows them to respond intelligently, which increases efficiency and decreases cost


- Creates economic incentives through market-based energy pricing and encourages adoption of distributed generation (solar panels) and distributed energy storage (batteries) - Encourages the adoption of distributed energy resources allowing more efficient utilization of existing grid infrastructure - Dis-intermediates parties who offer little value from the electricity supply chain, removing administrative and financial overhead, decreasing prices for consumers - The Grid+ Smart-Energy Agent is an always-on device that pays for your electricity in real time and always finds the best price available - Grid+ customers will prepay with US dollars, which are converted to BOLT tokens. The price of 1 BOLT will always be 1 USD and BOLTs are fully backed by deposits - GRID tokens are used to waive fees and give users extra privileges in the Grid+ platform and in the Grid+ Raiden hub

Technical Details

Grid+ will operate with a two-token model, with each token being ERC-20 compliant. The BOLT token is a stable-coin, redeemable by Grid+ customers for $1 worth of energy and backed by USD deposits. The GRID token allows Grid+ members to waive fees both on the Grid+ platform and when using the Grid+ Raiden hub. They may also be used to purchase new versions of the Grid+ smart-energy agent.


Token details
Ticker GRID
Additional Token Emission No
Token distribution



Type of scores
Hype score Medium Active
Risk score Medium Active

Funding Rounds


Custom blockchain
Nov 2018 NA NA NA NA

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info Medium
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Raised: $32,000,000

Token GRID
Whitelist No
Whitepaper View
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