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ICO date: 18.05.2018 - 31.07.2018
Product Type: Organization
Industry: Environmental Services

GreenHashes is an organisation working from multiple locations which intends to solve the problem of Climate Change through the Conservation of Earth.


GreenHashes is a Token based on the Blockchain technology, which is backed by the Carbon Credits, which can be earned through GreenHashes’ Green Initiatives worldwide or simply bought in the Market.

GreenHashes is also backed by their cryptocurrency’s Mining Power.

The GreenHashes Token is built on the Waves Platform.

Any individual investing in the GreenHashes can redeem them for a particular quantity of Carbon Credits or Mining Power.

GreenHashes is conducting a PreSale & then the CrowdSale of GreenHashes Tokens, to raise funds for the Mining Hardware, Renewable Energies, Negative Emissions Hardware & Reforestation.

A noticeable difference from other ICO's is that the Founders and the Team will not hold on to any Tokens.

Reforestation is one of the key goals of the GreenHashes project. This is the step, which will help them achieve Negative Emissions & Sustainable Growth.

R&D in the CO2 absorption from ambient air for Negative Emissions.

GreenHashes intends to work in the CCU- Carbon Capture & Utilization along with CCS- Carbon Capture & Storage.

GreenHashes plans to mine cryptocurrencies with the latest ASIC Miners running on Electricity produced using Renewable Sources.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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