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Golos (GOLOS)




A social Media Blockchain Platform for the world's russian-speaking community


- Rewards for posts. Get a reward every time your post is rated by others - Rewards for being a curator. Get a reward if you're among the first people who rate popular content - Rewards for use. Golos will reward people who stay for a long time - Interest on the deposit for the storage of tokens (GBG) - Rewards for mining. Get GP for mining

Technical Details

The platform is based on a blockchain called Graphene II, which is used in BitShares. Technically, Golos is an offshoot of Steemit. All specifications, with the exception of some details, such as in Steemit. Golos like Steemit will use several tokens to the platform: GOLOS (ГОЛОС), in the Steemit it is STEEM Golos Power/GP (Сила Голоса), in the Steemit it is Steem Power/SP Gold-backed by Golos (Золотой), in the Steemit it is Steem Dollar /SMD Golos encourages authors and those who vote for the content. Payments to the author depends on the number votes for his post, as well as how much Golos Power is on the voters accounts. The system also encourages those who vote for articles and comments. Each and every year 10% of the market capitalization of Golos is distributed to users submitting, voting on, and discussing content. Golos is working on a combined algorithm PoS and PoW. For PoS mining, delegates who are chosen by users respond. Each user can vote for the selected delegate. Traditional proof of work blockchains combine block production with of proof of solving work. Because the process of solving proof of work takes an unpredictable amount of time, the result is unpredictable block production times. Golos aims to have consistent and reliable block production every 3 seconds with almost no potential for forks. At Golos there is no commission for transferring tokens between accounts. This is accomplished by a bandwidth-based, rate-limiting algorithm system. The Golos network is built upon Graphene, the same technology that powers BitShares. Graphene has been publicly demonstrated sustaining over 1000 transactions per second on a distributed test network. Graphene can easily scale to 10,000 or more transactions per second with relatively straightforward improvements to server capacity and communication protocols. Golos is a decentralized network that is operated by miners in jurisdictions around the world. All user actions are publicly recorded on the blockchain, and can be publicly verified. This means that there is no single entity that can censor content that is valued by GOLOS holders.


Token Sale
ICO start date 30 Oct 2016
ICO end date 02 Dec 2016
IEO Platform
Registration Country Russian Federation
Token details
Ticker GOLOS
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

In the first hours after the start of Golos funds will be transferred from cyberfounder account to the target accounts in accordance with a certain structure of distribution: - 60% to crowdsale (27 072 000 GOLOS) - 10% to the participants of the original Steamit (4 512 000 GOLOS) - 10% to Cyber • Fund for financing Golos start (4 512 000 GOLOS) - 8.98% reserve for the development (4 051 776 GOLOS) - 7% reward for team founders (3 158 400 GOLOS)

Funding Rounds


Exchange name
Fiat money
United States $ ¥ £
British Virgin Islands $ ¥ £
NA $ $
China $ $
Taiwan NA
United States $ $ $
Hong Kong $
Estonia $ £

Rating and Analytics

Hype score Info High
Risk score Info NA


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128.81% 24H
return <0.01x
Start ICO 30 Oct 2016
End ICO 02 Dec 2016
Price 1 GOLOS = 0.1 USD
Registration Country Russian Federation
Whitepaper View
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