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Golem (GNT)


Computing & Data Storage


A decentralized worldwide supercomputer. Golem can be used by anyone to sell computing time over the web


Golem Net is a P2P network created by the computers (nodes) running Golem App. Any user may use Golem App to send any computing task to the network. Any user may use Golem App to lend a machine to others. An Ethereum-based payment system is used to clear transactions between senders and receivers. Example industries: - Computer graphics Photorealistic rendering - Big data analysis - Machine learning Image recognition - Cryptography Cryptocurrency mining - Computational biology DNA analysis - Computational physics Particles simulation

Technical Details

There are three types of users on the Golem Network: ● Providers, who supply computing power to the network and get paid for doing so. ● Requestors, who rent the network’s computing power & the software built on it and pay for doing so. ● Authors, who build the software on the Application Registry (also known as Golem Store) and can set their own plans for payment (kind of like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store). Golem is a fully decentralized, open source P2P network which is resilient to censorship, and free from a single point-of-failure. Consensus is important for resilience and is another reason why Ethereum is utilized for transactions, as well as replicating some shared state and metadata. Golem tasks rely on integrity and consensus mechanisms for deployment, task execution, validation, and transactions. Naturally, Golem inherits Byzantine fault tolerance properties from Ethereum. For task execution and validation, Golem will initially rely on redundant validation and Ethereum state. As research and development progresses, optimizations will be implemented to reduce costs, increase throughput, and improve resilience. Optimisations will result in improvements of integrity and consensus validation schemes, P2P network formation, asynchronous transactions, and off-chain state transitions. The Golem P2P network will be built on a continuation of the devp2p protocol series, which was spearheaded at the Ethereum Foundation, and which will see improvements in confidentiality, robustness, latency, modularity, and the inclusion of pertinent libp2p and IPFS standards.


Token Sale
ICO start date 10 Nov 2016
ICO end date 10 Nov 2016
Raised 8,000,000 USD
IEO Platform
Registration Country Poland
Token details
Ticker GNT
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


other altcoins via shapeshift

Token distribution

The Golem Network Token ("GNT") account is a core component of Golem and is designed to ensure flexibility and control over the future evolution of the project. GNT is created during the crowdfunding period (described in this whitepaper) and, following the first major release of Golem, GNT will be attributed a variety of functions in the Golem network. ● Payments from requestors to providers for resource usage, and remuneration for software developers is going to be exclusively conducted in GNT. ● Once the Application Registry and Transaction Framework are implemented, GNT will be necessary for other interactions with Golem, such as submitting deposits by providers and software developers or participation in the process of software validation and certification (as described in the Application Registry section). ● The general conditions for using GNT will be set in the Transaction Framework, but specific parameters of these interactions will be possible to define within each software integration. The Golem Network Token is a token on Ethereum platform. Its design follows widely adopted token implementation standards. This makes it easy to manage using existing solutions including Ethereum Wallet. ● Maximum number of tokens created during crowdfunding period: ○ Total: 1 000 000 000 (100%) ○ Crowdfunding participants: 820 000 000 (82%) ○ Golem team 60 000 000 (6%) ○ Golem Factory GmbH 120 000 000 (12%) ● Sending 1 ether to the GNT account will create 1 000 GNT ● No token creation, minting or mining after the crowdfunding period. ● Tokens will be transferable once the crowdfunding is successfully completed.


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2.07% 24H
return 0.26x
Start ICO 10 Nov 2016
End ICO 10 Nov 2016
Token GNT
Price 1 GNT = 0.01 USD
Registration Country Poland
Whitepaper View
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