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FoodCoin EcoSystem

Commerce & Retail


FoodCoin Ecosystem is a blockchain ecosystem, architecturally designed to create a global marketplace of food and agricultural products based on our experience with the active 1000 EcoFarms platform.


1000EcoFarms is a business-to-consumer and business-to-business online marketplace for natural food.

The platform provides marketing, order and payment processing services for small farmers and food producers as well as extensive set of additional functions for individual farmers, food buying clubs and co-ops.

Consumers and small businesses around the world are using the platform to connect directly with growers and producers and to purchase fresh, natural food.

Technical Details

FoodCoin Ecosystem will provide a peer-to-peer network of associated nodes based on Ethereum blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the FoodCoin blockchain. These nodes are provided in the architecture of a private, as well as an open blockchain structure to maximize the protection against unauthorized modification of data.


Token Sale
ICO start date 11 Dec 2017
ICO end date 25 Dec 2017
Token details
Ticker FOOD
Type Cryptocurrency
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Token distribution

10% - social projects

20% - ecosystem development

15% - founder

10% - miners after creating of FoodCoin blockchain

2,5% - advisory board

2,5% - team

Funds allocation

20% Marketing

20% The team (the involvement of highly qualified experts in the field of blockchain)

15% Infrastructure development of FoodCoin Ecosystem

5% Loyalty program to attract new online trading platforms (online shops, local marketplaces)

14% Operating costs

6% TGE related costs

10% Social projects (the use of FoodCoin as an alternative currency to stimulate local food&ag businesses

5% Development of an accelerator for the food&ag start-ups that have already got the ultimate product and customers, and are ready to develop together with FoodCoin Ecosystem)

5% Experts and advisers


Type of ratings
Hype score
Risk score

Funding Rounds


Exchange name
Fiat money
NA Lek

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Medium
Risk score Info High
FoodCoin EcoSystem ICO Contacts
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Start ICO 11 Dec 2017
End ICO 25 Dec 2017
Token FOOD
Price 1 FOOD = 0.0001 USD
Whitepaper View
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