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ICO date: 01.09.2018 - 30.09.2018
Product Type: Cryptocurrency
Industry: Real Assets

GID Coin aims to make international currency covered by two goods, diamonds and gold.


GID Coin smart tokens may be traded on various exchanges, where their market price could potentially diverge from the price quoted by the GID Coin smart tokens. Since GID Coin smart tokens do not have functionality for observing prices in the external world, it appears that there is risk of the Smart Token’s price fragmenting.

To provide investors with whole range of advantages of GID Coins Gold&Diamonds plan to build GID Coin’s own blockchain platform (DGP – Diamonds & Gold Platform). However, to reduce costs of the project at the early stages GID coin will be based on Ethereum (ERC-20). GID Coin is the hybrid payable-asset token (securities).

GDP, like all blockchain technologies, uses an incentive-driven model of security.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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