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ICO date: 13.01.2018 - 27.01.2018
Industry: Commerce & Retail

Blockchain Rewards Program for Mainstream Retailers.

  • Lug-n-play Any retailer can join our global distributed shopping platform, upload products, and issue their own branded digital tokens to a mass consumer audience within minutes
  • Targeted airdrops A-DropTM technology launches digital tokens to target audiences by demographic, shopping interests, and geo-location anywhere in the world
  • Tradable Retail tokens can be used to buy products, get discounts or claim rewards from merchants. Tokens can also be freely traded on our crypto-currency exchange making them highly liquid and intrinsically valuable to the consumer
Founded: Hong Kong, 2017
Technical details:

Technical components: GAT Network - Global high-speed blockchains on which retail tokens circulate and A-DropTM to customers anywhere in the world GAT Wallet - A beautifully-designed mobile token wallet that customers use to manage and spend their retail tokens GAT Marketplace - A mobile shopping portal where customers can spend retail tokens for real products GAT Exchange - A full-feature crypto-currency exchange where retail tokens are publicly traded for GAT Coins, and GAT Coins are publicly traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major crypto currencies GAT Foundation - An independent non-profit organization based in Singapore

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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