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ICO date: 21.05.2018 - 21.07.2018
Industry: Drugs & Healthcare

GANA Technologies provides AI solutions which are required by individuals and research institutes through establishing an ecosystem that collects and shares cannabis industry data with lagged technology.


The GANA ecosystem works to collect data from cannabis retailers, users, researchers and other data sources to provide target-based content provision.

The GANA App will feature content themes on socializing, medical and lifestyle from the AI system. GANA users can offer insights and potential feedback on content production.

The GANA Mobile Application is the main point of communication for the whole GANA Platform. The cannabis users provide for quantitative and qualitative data from where the AI fetches the information to provide for credible content and solutions. In essence, the platform provides a basis for connecting the cannabis industry by using the AI technology as an efficient personal assistant.

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