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Game Technologies Ltd (GTLtd)

Gaming & VR


Game Technologies Ltd  have released game tokens (GTLtd) that will allow users  to buy or exchange them for any of Game Technologies Ltd  games and virtual goods in games. The company also plans to develop its own crypto currency.


Game Technologies Ltd mission of the company is to introduce the crypto currency into the gaming industry, allowing players to use the cloud service regardless of their hardware capacity and to enable developers of games and virtual goods to enter the game market with minimal costs.

This will be a single whole in Game Technologies Ltd system. Tokens in the sale of a private pre-token, the sale of a public pre-token and the sale of a public token will contribute to the entire ecosystem, giving a business model to countless projects. GTLtd can offer many free services finstant or users.

Game Technologies Ltd want to connect with every part of the World, the scale and use of GTLtd and its wallet expose a wide range of usefulness, so that people can use them on a regular basis, every day.


Pre-sale start date 10 May 2018
Pre-sale end date 10 Jun 2018
Token Sale
ICO start date 10 Jun 2018
ICO end date 10 Jul 2018
ICO token supply 37,000,000
Hard cap size 2,500,000 USD (fiat)
ICO Platform
Registration Country Seychelles
Token details
Ticker GTLtd
Type Utility-token
Additional Token Emission No
Accepted Currencies


Bonus Program

Those who hold 12 months in their GTLtd wallet will receive an equal amount of Crypto currency, provided a purchase of GTLtd tokens from client. Example: a person has 10 GTLtd tokens lying 12 months, GTLtd will transfer 10 of crypto currency, after GTLtd have purchased 10 GTLtds for 1 token = 1 crypto currency. Then a person will have 20 of GTLtd crypto currency.

Token distribution

92,5% - ICO

7,5% - for use within the service

Funds allocation

45% - Marketing

55% - Other


Type of ratings
Hype score
Very Low

Funding Rounds

Rating Review and Analytics

Investment rating Info NA
Hype score Info Very Low
Risk score Info NA
Game Technologies Ltd (GTLtd) ICO Contacts
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Start ICO 10 Jun 2018
End ICO 10 Jul 2018
Token GTLtd
Price 1 GTLtd = 0.104932 USD
Product Type Service
Registration Country Seychelles
Whitepaper View
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