ICO date: 30.04.2018 - 15.07.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

GAGAPAY NETWORK aims to build a marketing platform for creating affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty reward and bounty programs powered by smart contracts.


GAGAPAY NETWORK is a marketing platform that allows users to create their own affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty and bounty programs.  

GAGAPAY NETWORK is a SaaS solution based on NEO blockchain and smart contracts. Individuals, SMEs and large businesses will be able to use GAGAPAY NETWORK to devise, host and track their marketing programs. 
GAGAPAY NETWORK envisages a marketplace to facilitate interaction between companies and marketers. GAGAPAY NETWORK platform also provides the following tools: e-commerce, email, CRM, SNS, tracking and payment plugins, open API, crypto wallet plugins, etc. GAGAPAY NETWORK platform will allow both fiat and cryptocurrency-based payment plugins.

The on-going marketing campaigns and programs will be sorted by industry and featured in an open GAGAPAY NETWORK catalogue. Individual marketers will be able to view and participate in these programs. Companies can place their offers on the GAGAPAY NETWORK marketplace. They can also create customizable campaigns and target specific audiences, based on the region, network size, etc.

GAGAPAY NETWORK team is issuing proprietary GTA tokens. They will be used for the following payments: membership subscription, access to additional platform features and internally integrated plugins. 

The team is planning to launch a fully-fledged GAGAPAY NETWORK platform in Q2/Q3 2019.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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