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Industry: Investment

Forecast is an application to track cryptocurrencies from various exchanges, create portfolio and alerts and designed to function applications like  Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and more. 


Forecast is a free application to track cryptocurrencies from various exchanges, create portfolios and alerts, designed to function as applications like Coin Ticker, Blockfolio and/or crypto projects like CoinDash, DetectorToken, and Trackr. To attract more users, forecast is designed with gamification experience. Forecast decided to add gamification principles to the watcher and portfolio management applications, in which users can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided or purchased.

All new users will be provided 100 Gems at start, and will predict the cryptocurrencies’ future value in the next 24 hours by using the provided markets’ average value. The predictions can be made with 1 to 10 Gems, which will be doubled for an accurate prediction at the end of the 24 hours.

The web version of the application will allow all users to convert Gems to FCT tokens, which will transform the Gems earned in the game to a real-life value.

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