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ICO date: 17.01.2018 - 23.01.2018
Product Type: App
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

The decentralized cash back solution.


The ability of Fluz Fluz to consistently retain customers is derived from the fact that current network members (aka Fluzzers) can generate cash back rewards through their everyday household purchases, and the purchases of their extended social network. Fluz Fluz operates as an instantaneous digital retail marketplace where consumption codes can be redeemed at retail POS, thereby generating

Fluz points for the purchaser and their participating upstream network. In Fluz Fluz binary network model each Fluzzer’s network can grow up to 65,535 members through 15 downline network levels. The total cash back is split 50/50 between the purchasing Fluzzer and the participating network.


Fluz Fluz consumers are free to reflect their normal shopping habits and preferences towards any of the available retail partners. As long as the Fluzzer makes a minimum of two monthly purchases of any value and through any network retailer; in addition to maintaining activity on the site under a “give and take” logic, they can generate cash back through the power of bundling purchases to obtain large discounts.

Founded: Gibraltar
Website: ico.fluzfluz.com
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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