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ICO date: 26.06.2018 - 24.07.2018
Industry: Adult

Exolover is developing an adult devices which allow users to interact remotely and share intimate sensations in privacy.


The EXO Platform allows Movie/Video Studios, Magazine Publishers, and private individuals who create content a safe repository from which they can safely monetise their product offering with a guarantee of copyright protection and the unauthorised copying of information.
The EXO Platform consists of a decentralised content storage system. In exchange for EXO Tokens, a user can, for example, obtain a private link that leads to a separate file or directory of files which contains content such as images, videos or other files. adult magazines or files. 
ExoLover will introduce ExoVitrtual which will manage the device as a neural interface; until this introduction users will be able to experience
computer generated scenarios that simulate sexual activity through senses and perception in ExoReality.
The ExoTator is a device which simulates rotational movements in the area of the clitoris. 
ExoTouch mini manipulators allow for the mimicking of embraces and caresses and simulates girth, compression and spanking.
ExoLover has developed patented devices which transmit and receive the sensations occurring during sexual activity including
intercourse and do not seek to achieve some similarity in appearance.

Website: exolover.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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