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ICO date: 11.06.2018 - 24.06.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

EXCHAIN is a decentralised blockchain-based advertising platform, which allows advertisers to execute digital advertising campaigns and to track, verify and audit ad spend. For publishers and service providers EXCHAIN replaces the traditional insertion order mechanism to allow real time processing of revenue payment.


The EXCHAIN platform provides coverage of ad impression through every stage of the ad chain. All smart contracts and event logs are stored in a decentralized storage. EXCHAIN verifies each of the rendered impressions according to the rules set by the advertisers in the smart contracts. THe reporting systems allows for proof of spend and impression evidence.

The EXCHAIN platform utilizes an ad spend cash flow approach to address the issue of fraud. Using a decentralized ad spend distribution mechanism, EXCHAIN is able to deny fraudulent operators, such as those involved in domain spoofing, access to a revenue receive gateway.

Traditional paper insertion orders are replaced with digital smart contracts, which allows for real time ad spend handling and payment processing. The EXCHAIN platform’s smart contract system interacts with its SMART API for real time impression verification and ad spend handling and payment processing.

EXT tokens are the universal currency of the EXCHAIN platform and can be used in all stages of the ad chain. These tokens are also designed for adoption outside the EXCHAIN ecosystem for the open-sourced modules the platform intends to develop in the future.

The platform comprises four core elements:

  • Identity layer uniquely identifies a user in the ecosystem and tracks his advertising activities and spend with anonymisation on the public ledger;
  • Creation layer stores the smart contract unit and the digital signing module;
  • Execution layer tracks and verifies the validity of an impression according to the smart contract, and enables real time payments to publishers and service providers;
  • Audit layer displays campaign results and records campaign data in decentralised applications, enabling all-party access to campaign statistics.
Founded: United Kingdom, 2014
Website: exchain.co
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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