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ICO date: 04.05.2018 - 04.06.2018
Product Type: Platform
Industry: Financial Services

Digitize is a decentralized platform developed to convert change money into cryptocurrency.


Digitize is an ecosystem based on Blockchain technology and smart contracts which allows consumers to convert loose change into the virtual currencies and save it in a digital wallet at the point of transaction. The loose change is converted into Digitize tokens, allowing them to be used for payments, loyalty programs, exchanged for Ethereum and invested in the Crypto-index. Digitize token will sell ERC-20 compatible Ethereum-based DTZ token.

The objective of the Digitize project is to provide a process in purchasing and exchanging cryptocurrency. Digitize will try to reduce dependence on physical currency and production costs.

The Digitize platform can be configured on any portable mobile device to be used by retailers regardless of their POS system.This will allow retailers to use Digitize without changing the payment settings. Retailers will also be able to allocate and provide Digitize tokens to consumers as part of their reward programs and promotions. Retailer will receive a percentage of the transaction fee when cash will be deposited for digital currencies.

Founded: Singapore
Website: www.digitizecoin.com
Whitepaper: Whitepaper
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Medium 2.3 / 5.0
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