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ICO date: 02.04.2018 - 30.04.2018
Product Type: Technology
Industry: Science & Research

DeepWater is a project for treasure recovery and deep-sea mining businesses.


DeepWater team claim to have developed a technology to facilitate collection and analysis of seabed data. The DeepWater solution uses AI-enhanced autonomous underwater devices (gliders). The deep learning architecture allows to collect and analyze seabed data and train the neural network to recognize underwater objects with almost 100% precision.

The DeepWater gliders will be operated and monitored via a single command control center on the ship. To prevent data loss and allow for independent data storage and transmission, the DeepWater gliders create a common information space with a “peer-to-peer” exchange.

The system will then utilize “TensorFlow” (Deep Learning Framework) to perform AI-based analysis and interpretation of these data. The potential of each coordinate set will be assessed by the DeepWater neural network and presented in the form of Deep Score.

The discovered deep-water resources, inter alia, data on shipwrecks and minerals can be sold in a blockchain-driven DeepWater Market. It is an online auction platform that will accept payments in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

DeepWater Token (DWT) is an ERC20-compatible token. I

Right now the team is developing the DeepWater Market platform. The first exploratory expedition by the gliders fleet is scheduled for Q1 – Q4 2019.

Founded: Ecuador, 20155
Technical details:

DeepWater Token (DWT) is an ERC20-compatible token emitted within the blockchain of the Ethereum platform.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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