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ICO date: 10.06.2018 - 23.07.2018
Industry: Energy & Utilities

CZeroMobility is a startup with 3 patents, aims to help mass adoption of electric vehicles.


CZMT Coin is backed by the carbon emission savings done using electric vehicles instead of fossil fuels.

The CZero MBF Units are custom-built fitment towers, which will encompass multiple Atoms based on the power requirement of the vehicle.

CZero Atoms are custom-built cassette shaped battery modules, which are created to ensure they are as easy to be used as the normal AAA / AA batteries.

These IOT transactions in CZERO blockchain network get synchronized periodically to a NoSQL database for further processing and analytics.

User can either spend their coins in the CZERO network for various services or exchange the reward points to public tokens on Ethereum main network. CZeroMobility tokens will be redeemable for CZero services in the markets where CZero ecosystems exists.

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Low 1.9 / 5.0
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